June 03, 2011

Image of China - La Chine en image

China was a great three weeks; it is certainly a very beautiful country.  The sceneries are breath taking, the landscapes are all worthy of a postcard.  Traveling by train was beautiful, going to caves in old minivans was great, and again the sceneries were just movie like.  The big cities are like any big cities, yet somewhere there is still an old fashion market where you can find anything for very cheap.  The country side was my favourite, so beautiful, so slow and so easy going.

Here are a few images, I hope it can represent little what I have seen.



May 16, 2011

The end of a journey, the beganning of a new one.

I didn't write for a while, my blog was blocked from China so I couldn't post anything, and since I am in Montreal I didn't feel ready to write about the end of my journey.

China was great, it looked similar to Thailand or Malaysia to me on the surface, not quite as I had imagined it. Of course in culture it is different, and the fact that I was travelling with a Chinese contributed for me to see it diffrently then the two previous.

I visited many beautiful places, went on a couple of tours, eat weird food, eat lots of great food, and enjoyed most of it. Some pictures will come eventually with more information about where I went and all.

Since I'm back in Montreal I have spend a few days feeling a bit under the weather. Of course it was raining for the first week which didn't help. It was an amazing journey, I am so glade I have done it, now I am ready for the new journey to start.

As I look back on my trip India remains my favorite place and, it is was certainly my best time out of my 7 months journey. I think you can all tell by the tone and the content of my posts that India was were I was able to go within, connect with myself, reflect uppon life. There was other moments when I felt similarly, my 10 days retreat in Thailand was certainly one, but also my few weeks in Laos, and my time alone in Thailand were beautiful moments of introspections. Yet nothing seams to compare to India when I think back about it all. If I were to do this trip again, I would certainly stay longer in India, but it's ok, I'll go back for sure!

It is hard to put into words the emotions that surfaces when I think about my trip, I feel like for ever it will impact my outlook on things and people. I am forever greatful for all the amazing people and places that were on my path. I think saying that I feel older is the closest thing to explain how I feel. Like many years of life experiences were combine in a few months journey. I have learn about myself so much more then I could have in a few years of not paying attention. I hope from now one I will always stay alert and pay attention to my life.

If there is one thing I really would like to offer as a reflection, is that life is meant to be lived! We are meant to grow! Love is universal, everyone is the same, we are all one! Stop living for others, have the courage to be who you want to be, have the courage to live for yourself. Instead of focusing on other people's flaws and complaining about everyone and everything, have the courage to become a better version of who you are. By becoming a better version of who we are, by wanting to change ourselves instead of asking others to change, we contribute to a better world, a better tomorrow. We also contribute to influence others to do the same, by example, by suggesting, not forcing.

This was my 100th post since I have started this journey, there will be more, with pictures from China and maybe from Montreal.

I wish you all an amazing day!
Lots of Metta your way!

Don't worry,
Be Happy!!!

April 20, 2011

Des nouvelles!

Bonjour à tous, juste pour vous dire que je n'ai pas accès à Facebook de la Chine, ni à mon blog.  Tout va super bien, plus de détails à mon retour prévus à la fin avril.  (J'ai demandé à une amie via courriel de mettre ce message)

Hello, just a quick word to let you know all is good.  I don't have access to Facebook from China nor my blog, so more news when I return, end of April.  (I asked a friend to put this message up)

Lots of love!
Je vous aime!

April 05, 2011

I never thought my journey would bring me to discover so much of Asia, so many cities, countries and cultures.  I feel blessed, I am thankful; life is always full of surprises for me, I love it.  Like Osho teaches, if you let yourself go and follow the flow, life will take care of you, you will always be exactly where you have to be, all your needs will be met, etc.  If I would not have met Eddy in Bangkok a few months ago, I would probably have not planed to come to Malaysia, I would have explored more of Thailand instead.  If Stephanie had not decided to come to visit me and travel with me for 12 days, I would not be sitting here writing this now.  Here is a great, big, somewhat luxurious hotel downtown Singapore

What you have to know is that Singapore is the most expensive country I have been in since I’m travelling.  If I would have come here on my own I would not have stayed downtown, I would not have stayed in a hotel with a gym, a pool, a bar, a restaurant, a tennis courts, a putter green, and more.  No worries, I will take pictures of this place, it is beautiful!  I also would not have stayed downtown, who knows, I would maybe have not even have come to Singapore because of how much everything cost.  Being two helps with certain costs, but also Stephanie is paying for our stay at this hotel.  Thanks Steph!  Thank you life!

Which brings me to my reflection of the day, why is it so hard to receive?  What part of me has been trained to feel… not sure of the exact feeling actually, but I have a hard time just accepting it with a smile, I guess I feel guilt of some sort, when I receive?  Stephanie is more then happy to be here, she wanted a great hotel and a great location and would have paid a similar price coming here on her own, and she is happy to be with me here, plus she can afford it.  So why is it hard for me to accept that I am not paying have of the bill?  We’ve been friend for years, we never counted between us, on small things of course, but it’s always been easy with money between us.  With some people you count and make sure to split half of the cost all the time.  With Steph it’s always been easy.  I would give, I would pay, she would give, she would pay, no keeping track, just pure friendship and loving energy being exchange.  But to be in such a place and not pay my share, I can’t help but to feel a little guilt.  So I guess life is giving me this opportunity to learn about myself, to learn a new lesson.  It is ok to receive; it is ok to be the one who is being taken care of.  I should just enjoy the process, and this is what I will have to learn in the next few days.  So again, thank you life and thank you Steph!

It has been 6 months that I am gone on the 22nd of March, when I think about it I’m not sure how to put into words all that it has been.  It wasn’t like I imagined it to be, not that I planed it very much, but to a certain degree I had expectations.  I wanted to learn more about yoga, and I was somewhat hoping to meet some sort of a spiritual teacher to learn more about myself.  These were my two expectations when I left.  I learned more about yoga by practicing it more, on my own, and my spiritual teacher was my time alone, my reflections, my writing, and many different people I have met.  I did learn about yoga with some of the teachers that I have went to during my travel, and I had great teachings out of the many books that I have red, during my travel and during the past 15 years or so, which help with introspections and reflections.  Life, the greater whole, the bigger process, is an amazing teacher when you take the time to pay attention.  I have learned so much in the last six months, I sincerely hope I will be able to put this all into practice as I come back into “society”.

April 6th, in Melaka, Malaysia

We have come back to Malaysia yesterday by bus, found a nice little hotel with a balcony in the hart of Chinatown in Melaka.  It seams like a nice little town, by the water, but at this point I haven’t quite explored it yet.  Travelling with Stephanie is easy, we disagree on AC versus fan, I’m always cold, she is always hot, but for the rest all is good.  Singapore was definitely out of my budget, for some of the activities that we did, but no regrets what so ever.  We have taken a cable gondola from Singapore to a remote island, where the Aquarium of Singapore is, that was an amazing little ride over water and by the city. The aquarium itself was like any other, but the underwater tunnel was great.  One of my best moments was taking what they call the “Singapore Flyer”, 165 meters high, it is kind of a 30 minute feeris wheel ride overlooking Singapore, and we had the luck of making it for sunset, it was beautiful!!!

Anyway, much more to tell of course, but not much more time, only 5 days to go before I head out to China, so lets focus on experiencing the city for today.  Very hot day today, I love it!

Take care beautiful souls!


Here are many pics of Singapore... and these are just a few of what I took!!!


March 31, 2011

A few pics from Kuala Lumpur...

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.  I love Kuala Lumpur, it is a beautiful city.  1.6 Million people, greater urban area is over 7 Million, so it is a big city!  Love the feel of it, does't feel to electric even if it is that big.

So not going to write to long, but wanted to share some pictures, let my dad all is going well.  Leaving for Singapore in two days, really excited!

Stephanie has join me today, we walked through town and she treated me to an amazing meal, thank you life for such great friends!  Thank you Stephanie!

Here are a few pics!

Kuala Lumpur